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Have you ever heard ‘slow but steady wins the race’? Your first day detox is designed to do exactly that - bring you further while imposing minimal stress on your digestive system. A perfect blend of both fruit and green juices, boosters and a filling almond milk will prepare you for the journey without shocking your system. You may choose to stay on this detox option for several days or move to our House and Green Cleanse where the amount of fruit juices and milks gradually decreases so that you’re up to a full green juice cleanse. This holistic approach to cleansing will leave you energised and keep your body in perfect alignment for the months coming.

Cleansing with organic juices can be a fantastic way to reset your body, rest your digestion and flush out toxins. 

For more information on how to cleanse, have a read of this.

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This cleanse contains a vibrant mix of fruit and vegetable juices, always with the emphasis on the veg - because that’s the CPRESS way! You start the day with a Detox Water, which, once you’ve finished your cleanse is a habit you should stick to as hydrating your body with some pure, filtered water and a squeeze of lemon is a great practice to get into after a long night’s sleep. We take this one step further with our Detox Water though, and ad din some lime juice, ginger and cayenne extract to gently heat the body from the inside and get your digestive process firing. 

Then, it will be time for your first juice of the day - the Prime Number. This juice is based around beta carotene containing vegetables, a powerful antioxidant, plus beetroot which is iron rich and supportive of liver detoxification as it contains betadine, which encourages the production of glutathione - a powerful liver detoxifier. 

Then, after your almond milk it’s time to introduce some greens. Finishing the day with two powerfully cleansing green juices and a Turmeric Gold Booster helps rid your body of lingering toxins plus provides an anti-inflammatory hit from the organic turmeric juice, ginger and black pepper contained in the booster. 

This is the perfect cleanse to try if you’re new to cleansing, or, if you’re keen to keep a nice mixture of fruity and green juices throughout your day. 

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