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Celery Juice Cleanse

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    NOTICE: Due to the short shelf life of our juices we recommend you freeze half of the bottles and defreeze as needed overnight in the fridge. 

    Start your day by drinking a pure organic celery juice.

    Drinking celery juice aids digestion, detoxification and calming inflammation. For maximum benefits, drink on an empty stomach and avoid foods for 30min after.

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    • Pack content: 7x Just Celery bottles
    • Size: Juices 450ml
    • Shelf life: 4 days

    Cleanseing tips

    Click here to download your Cleanse Guide.

    This guide will outline you pre, mid & post cleanse journey with tips to help you through the programe.

    How to prepare

    The day before your cleanse try switching to plant based wholefoods.

    Cleanse instructions

    Drink your first juice upon waking and follow with a juice every 2 to 3 hours. Drink your last juice 2 hours before sleep.

    Can I drink water during my cleanse?

    Yes you can, drinking water or helbal teas will aid with the cleansing, help keep your body hydrated and your mind focused.

    Can I drink coffee?

    This is really a personal choice. If you are a heavy coffee drinker and new to cleansing, keep in mind that it's ok to have a cup of coffee (no dairy & no sugar).

    Can I drink alcohol?

    You should avoid all toxins including Alcohol

    Can I eat if I am hungry?

    Try drinking water or herbal teas first, it will help curb your hunger. If you are still hungry then try adding higher calorie fruit juices, smoothies or soups.

    What if I am not feeling well

    Doing a cleanse will help you connect with your body, and you will understand what it needs. It is importnat to chalange your body but also to listen to it. If you are feeling light headed or dizzy we recommend you end the cleanse.

    How do I end the cleanse?

    Ending the cleanse is an important part of the journey. It is important to ease back into your normal routine starting with pland-based wholefoods and smaller porion sizes.

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