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5 Day Cleanse

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    A five day cleanse is recommended for those used to cleansing with organic juices and wanting to fully reset and rest. We say rest because it’s important with a cleanse of this length to take it easy whilst cleansing - 5 days is a challenge, but one that comes with a great reward at the end. Expect to feel like you’ve detoxed fully, tuned into your body, eliminating stubborn toxins, shifted some excess weight and, most importantly, given your overworked digestive system a well-deserved rest.

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    Cleansing tips

    Click here to download your Cleanse Guide.

    Whether you're a novice, have moderate experience of juicing, or you are a seasoned juice aficionado, here are some further tips & guidelines, designed to give you the optimum return on your juice fast:


    In the build up to your cleanse, implement more healthy plant-based food, while reducing the amount of toxicity in your diet, especially: sugar, coffee, alcohol, fried and processed foods. During this time keep sufficiently hydrated.

    Introductions for Your Cleanse

    Drink your first juice soon after waking, and if possible, avoid coffee. If you follow a morning mindfulness routine, then continue as normal. Follow the first juice with another every 2 to 3 hours. Drink your last juice no later than 3 hours before sleep.

    Should I drink water during my cleanse?

    We recommend that you drink water throughout, as well as herbal teas, if you prefer. This will aid the cleansing process, energise you, and keep your mind focussed.

    Is it ok to drink coffee?

    While it is not ideal to drink coffee during your cleanse, it boils down to personal preference. If you are a heavy coffee drinker and new to cleansing, aim to cut down on your coffee intake, and avoid milk and sweeteners.

    Can I drink alcohol?

    Alcohol is a strict no-go.

    Can I eat if I am hungry?

    Try drinking water or herbal teas first to help curb your hunger. Alternatively, pause on the hunger, draw some attention to it, breathe. Some pranayama exercises should help stave it off. You will get the best return from your cleanse if you avoid food. However, if you are still hungry then try adding higher-calorie fruit juices, smoothies, or soups. Although if you do succumb to the pangs of hunger, don't worry, what you don't eat, is just as important as what you do eat. Therefore, stay in the zone of organic plant-based food.

    What if I am not feeling well

    Implementing a cleanse into your diet will help reset many of your body's important functions, especially digestion, and you will feel lighter. Although, for some it can be a shock to the system, and benefits might take a few days to arrive. While it is important to challenge your body, if you are feeling lightheaded or dizzy we recommend you discontinue the cleanse, and try another day.

    How do I end the cleanse?

    Ending the cleanse is an important part of the journey. It is important to ease back into your normal routine starting with healthy plant-based foods, eating smaller portions, and again, avoiding (where possible) processed sugars, too much alcohol, fried and processed foods

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    C Press juice cleanses are the best in London. Juices are fresh, truly cold pressed, highly nutritious. I like the flexibility and ability to choose juices with less sugar and full of greens.

    Enjoyed it more than Plenish cleanse!

    I’ve done the plenish 7 day cleanse at a cost of over £400 and I’ve also done the cpress 5 day cleanse twice, not only is cpress significantly cheaper but I would say I enjoyed it more. I really like the inclusion of the boosters and also really enjoy the water+ in the morning. My only suggestion would be to add some cacao to the almond milk.

    5 day cleanse

    The juices can be accommodated to dietary requirements which was important to me and I'm loving the flavours. This is my first ever cleanse and I've thoroughly enjoyed it so far.

    Congratulations on completing your first cleanse!
    Thanks for sharing your experience.


    I am SO impressed with this cleanse! Not only is it delicious but it’s also really easy to follow and compared to other cleanses ...not that hard! I mean it’s a cleanse so it’s not easy but it’s without doubt the best I’ve ever done and I’ve done quite a few! I will definitely make this cleanse a regular part of my year. The little booster shots are a genius addition and help get you through. I am so happy with the results too. I feel great: lighter, clearer, sharper and I look good too. My skin is clearing up and I’ve lost a few kg. Thank you so much! 🙏🏽😊

    Thanks for taking the time to share your experience!
    So happy this worked out well for you :)

    Best juice detox period

    Absolutely love these juice detoxes. Tasty, great and not once do I feel hungry while on them throughout the week. Good variety and keeps my energy levels constantly very high. Would recommend to anyone!