Why Cleanse

All right, let’s get down to it. The main question we get asked in relation to our organic juice cleanses is: “WILL I LOSE WEIGHT?” I guess the obvious answer to this is yes, your jeans will probably feel a little baggier and you might be less bloated, but weight loss and ‘beating the bloat’ aren’t the only reasons to go on a cleanse.

If you’re reading this thinking “but I’m so healthy – I eat well, I exercise and the only high I get is from the 1% alcohol content in my kombucha, then we have some distressing news for you. Sadly the pace of modern and industrial life means that without realising it we are all walking around carrying a TOXIC BURDEN.

DON'T PANIC! Our bodies are super clever and are constantly working to detoxify us day in day out. But why not give them a helping hand? By following a CPRESS juice cleanse you are still giving your body all the vital micronutrients it needs without the effort needed to break it all down and figure out what to put where. It means that the natural and vital process of detoxification can go on uninterrupted. Great news, right?!

You might be wanting to feel extra amazing before you go on a summer holiday, or lend your body a helping hand after the busy Christmas season – whatever it is, juicing is always good. Our cleanses range from a ONE DAY CLEANSE to a SEVEN DAY CLEANSE, so there’s something for everyone. If you’re new to cleansing, start with a one day cleanse and work your way up. For more information on how to cleanse and how you might feel during a cleanse, click here.

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