Why Cleanse

Processed foods, preservatives, pesticides, chemically treated produce, plastics, caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar, city pollution are all modern life aggressors that increase the total toxic load our bodies were never intended to deal with.

CPRESS juice cleanses are designed to help reduce the intake of bad foods by curbing the cravings and to flush out toxins by resting and restarting the digestive system. The boost of your immune system, nourishment and hydration of your body with pure and clean nutrients are just side perks.

Not all juice is juiced equally and the type matters. Cold pressed juice is a final product of a juicing method that involves slow and gentle action of crushing and pressing fresh produce. Unlike with traditional rotary method, in cold pressing minimal heat and friction are used, ensuring the vitamins, minerals and enzymes naturally occurring in fresh produce are retained. Cold pressing also minimises the amount of air the juice gets into contact with. Juices are mixed and air-tight bottled immediately, which significantly slows down the oxidation and decomposition processes. And as the two ton heavy cold press machine is cleaned after juicing each fruit and vegetable, there is no room for cross contamination or bacteria overgrowth common in centrifugal juicers. Cold pressed juice is the cleanest type of juice that keeps its nutritional integrity for as long as 3 days.

Whether your cleanse will last a day or seven, juice will be your only fuel. Choose the fuel you want to run on wisely. ORGANIC juice provides your system with the nutrients and power your body needs to be able to really rest and recover from the damage environmental toxins have posed on it. Pure ORGANIC produce has been kept away from the damaging works of pesticide and chemical residues used to treat conventionally grown produce. Juice extracted from such produce helps to flush out toxins without actually pouring more in as you try to detox. 

No matter your juicing expertise, you will feel nourished, sustained and regenerated.