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These were delivered in a PR box from work. They are the nicest thing I’ve ever tasted!!😍 unfortunately I live in Ireland so I’m devastated I can’t get anymore delivered but if you ever think of expanding defiantly but Ireland on the list ❤️

Hello Abbie, thanks for your kind words!
We don't ship to Ireland as we have not found a next day delivery option yet, which is necessary for our juices. But for cookies I am sure we can work something out. I will email you now :)

Can make myself

The value is the convenience not the contents since
I can make at home myself

Hello Michele.Thanks for taking the time to share your thoughts. We hope that you enjoyed the Detox Water and that it has inspired you to make your own! We take great pride in providing products that can be made at home - and encourage people to try making their own versions and to share with us any special findings :)

Simply phenomenal

The cleanse is perfect. Juices are super fresh, very tasty (even without any sugars), and well designed nutritionally. Customer service is excellent. Great value for money too. In summary I would highly recommend. You feel amazing during and at the end.

excellent service

So nice that in this corporate age, that Cpress are still able to keep us fit and healthy in the lockdown. Super products and first class service Many thanks

Great Cleanse !

As always CPress delivers...the original cleanse is just great, the products are well balance, you do not crave for food at all and I really enjoy doing this cleanse on a regular basis...

48h Reset

Delicious organic juices! 🍏🍊🍋

Not only these juices are packed with organic fruits and vegetables 🍍🥬🥕🥒 but they are also really tasty! It was my first time doing a cleanse so I texted the customer service on WhatsApp and I have to say, they were extremely helpful and I've received some really great tips. For instance, since it's winter and I am used to hot water + lemon as soon as I wake up, I heated up my Detox Water ™️ and found it a great substitute! Every juice contains pretty much 1kg of organic fruit and vegetables, which is not common, so you definitely get what you pay for 👏🏼

Thank you CPRESS!

Absolutely in love with these potent shots! They kept me and my family well boosted!
The Immunity booster is definitely my favourite (worthy to try with hot water)!


What I love about this cleanse is that you can modify it with your diet and if you are just looking to get the additional nutrients and just a nice clean feeling with a clean diet — you could totally do that. I personally don’t like coconut water but it’s a good addition to keep the electrolytes in check if you weren’t eating anything else. Will definitely be buying the it again!

Green Juice Cleanse

I felt refreshed after doing this one day juice cleanse. The detox waters were the highlight for me. The coconut water tastes delicious, not bland like some others I have tasted. The boosters are a really nice bit of variety to get a break from just juice.

Favorite Juice

Finally a green juice where you can taste all the ingredients.
This juice is also surprisingly refreshing!


C Press juice cleanses are the best in London. Juices are fresh, truly cold pressed, highly nutritious. I like the flexibility and ability to choose juices with less sugar and full of greens.

Great testing Juices

Have tried many different juices but apart from 1 all of them (even the boosters) tasted amazing! Will repurchase!


All CPress juices and products are just fantastic. The celery juice feels pure and makes me feel really good.

Super Green

thank you very much

Best juice diet

So filling and delicious

Enjoyed it more than Plenish cleanse!

I’ve done the plenish 7 day cleanse at a cost of over £400 and I’ve also done the cpress 5 day cleanse twice, not only is cpress significantly cheaper but I would say I enjoyed it more. I really like the inclusion of the boosters and also really enjoy the water+ in the morning. My only suggestion would be to add some cacao to the almond milk.

Huge fan

Great product and service

Great boosters !

Great kick in the morning to start the day, the boosters are excellent and the quality is always excellent . Well done !

Really Helpful!

I'm on Day 3 of the 3 Day Juice Cleanse. It's really doing what I'm needing it to do and it's giving me a great sense of satisfaction to have made the decision to spend the time this way. My body keeps telling me how happy she is too! All the juices leave me very satisfied, other than yesterday's Raw Juice (FM) which.... erhm.... was ghastly to my tastebuds but truly healthy.... erhk! - diluted it was much more manageable. Now to the start of Day 3! A very content happy me.

Good quality

Very good products, taste good and you feel energise !

Best immunity booster for me

Love this little bottle of magic

3 day cleanse

The customer service is amazing from cpress, really thorough however I did not complete the cleanse as I had an allergic reaction to the almond milk on the first day so stopped the cleanse from then so I can not really give an accurate review of the drinks themselves or the benefit. The delivery also turned up 1 hour late.

Just Celery

Amazing Celery Juice

I had the just celery juice-it was really good, fresh and we enjoyed it.