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Feel great & lost 2.5kg in 3 days

Great 3-day cleanse, I like that it starts with beginner and gets greener/leaner as the days go on. Felt the juice was enough to keep me going throughout the day, providing I did little exercise. Skin looks clearer and I lost 2.5kgs.

Pink lemonade

Love it! A staple in our house - so delicious.

Celery Juice Pack
Nadae Cherradi
Always so good

Fantastic to drink first thing in the morning

The Five Day Cleanse
Beverley Marsland
Excellent Cleanse

Nutritious juicy 5 day cleanse cleanse. Perfect reset for mind and body.
I wasn’t even hungry. I think the difference with CPress is the quality of ingredients and density of the juices.
Delivery schedule needed adjusting but this was easily done when I WhatsApp'd the company.
Customer Service is prompt and helpful.

Ginger Booster Pack
Eddie Vincent
Love these ginger booster shots

I first saw these in Newcastle Airport and liked it so much I ordered some the next day. They are nice and strong with ginger and bigger than some of the other shots on the market which I find too small. They came very quickly and I’ll definitely order again.

Great Quality and Service

The juices are perfectly fresh and revitalising - the quality surpassed over ‘big names’ on the market I have tried. In addition it was easy to contact the team and I received a prompt response.

Turmeric Gold Pack


Great cleanse

The 48h cleanse is amazing. The juices are tasty and I didn't really feel hungry throughout.

Express service

Quality service from start to finish

Original cleanse

My favourite one of all Cpress offers. Usually I take two and add a bit of nuts or banana during the day if hunger is strong.
The juices are tasty and the shot is a great bonus.

Turmeric Gold Boosters

These are absolutely delicious and are a double bonus given the ginger in them too. Just the right amount of zing to them without burning all the way down like other brands. I take them daily with my post-workout meal/snack or after breakfast on a recovery day.

The Three Day Cleanse
Jordan Doidge
Just do it

I couldn’t recommend it more - this is my second cleanse (my first being 5-day) however this time I opted for the 3-day which was better suited to my current lifestyle.

If you’re feeling low, uninspired or just needing a health kick this is the perfect kickstart to get you back into a positive rhythm.

Thanks again CPRESS

Best immune booster

Every time I go on holiday this is my saver ! It helps me to be prepared :)


super good

Liver Flush
Nadae Cherradi
So tasty and so healthy

Seriously flushes what needs flushing 🙈

Simply loving them!

The juices are amazingly fresh and taste great! I can’t stop ordering them as I’m thrilled by the results!

Celery Juice Pack
Nadae Cherradi
Delicious, happens to be healthy too!!

I love the celery juice. It tastes so sweet naturally despite having nothing added to it. Starting my day with it is the best thing I can do!!

Feel so much better!

I feel so much better and healthier after having my 48hr Reset juices. It is perfect for beginners like myself. Thank you!

Celery Juice Pack
Sara Gennari

Expiration date for most of the products was within 2-3 days. I shouldn't have bought so many but you shouldn't have sold so many.

Hello Sara - you are absolutely correct. Very sorry about this. We just recently updated the website to make it easier to order directly from the collection page without having to go into each product page to add to basket.
If you click on the celery product page - you will see that we have a warning:
We also follow up with another warning via email.

Either way I can totally see how you missed this - I will process a refund for half your order. Really sorry for the inconvenience.

Best wishes,

One of the best coconut water products I’ve tried - very refreshing taste

A fab pick-me-up!

I absolutely love the CPRESS Tumeric Gold boosters! These taste brilliant (with a fab, peppery kick), are a really good size, and are an easy way to incorporate better health into my busy day. Five stars, keep 'em coming.

Great cleanse!

Best Cleanse Program

CPRESS has the best combinations of juices for their cleanses at an affordable price. The House cleanse is perfect for those looking for a quick reset.

Turmeric Gold Pack
Noah Behdaoui
All of the cold press juices are second to none

Only a 4 star though as my favourite was the ginger, lemon & oregano which got discontinued. Not sure why it was the best in my opinion?

7 Day Cleanse
Great products and service

From the outset I had a brilliant customer service experience. Tim talked me through the cleanse and I was able to swap a few juices to suit my dietary requirements.

The juices arrived on time and were fresh.