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Coconut Water
Sofya Burbasova

One of the best coconut water products I’ve tried - very refreshing taste

A fab pick-me-up!

I absolutely love the CPRESS Tumeric Gold boosters! These taste brilliant (with a fab, peppery kick), are a really good size, and are an easy way to incorporate better health into my busy day. Five stars, keep 'em coming.

Great cleanse!

1 Day House Cleanse
Christopher C
Best Cleanse Program

CPRESS has the best combinations of juices for their cleanses at an affordable price. The House cleanse is perfect for those looking for a quick reset.

All of the cold press juices are second to none

Only a 4 star though as my favourite was the ginger, lemon & oregano which got discontinued. Not sure why it was the best in my opinion?

7 Day Cleanse
Great products and service

From the outset I had a brilliant customer service experience. Tim talked me through the cleanse and I was able to swap a few juices to suit my dietary requirements.

The juices arrived on time and were fresh.

Ginger booster pack

Strong and just what you need in the mornings

3 Day Cleanse
Monica Silvestri
Just Amazing!

I highly recommend CPress vs competitors in terms of 1) quality of the juices 2) quantity. I have tried other companies before, they were slightly cheaper but the juices were smaller and I felt more hungry. I've just finished my Day 3 cleanse and I feel amazing and detox. Just what I needed after 3 weeks of holiday. I Lost only 1.5kg but I'm much less swallen and my skin looks so radiant! My husband decided to continue with three additional days (6 in total). Tough but manageable. Great to start a diet or come back to a healthy lifestyle. We are planning to do 1 day cleanse (or 2) monthly. We just loved it! People who said that doesn't worth the money it's because they never had a juicer at home...every bottle contains about 1kg of fresh veggies or fruits + it's a nightmare to clean it and prepare the juices. I found the price fair for the effort. Delivery was also on time (9am sharp).

Green Harvest
Lisa Robertson
Freshness in a bottle

Loved the green harvest drink so clean fresh & hydrating with the coconut water

48 HR

The 48 hour reset is the best. Very tasty, easy to do - perfect for beginners. I did 2x the 48 hours as I’m still a newbie and can’t quite handle the green cleanse yet, but I'm working up to it.


We tried two boosters this time - green and beetroot and they tasted good like Turmeric that we ordered last time. Hope the hot citrus will be back in stock and available for order next time.

1 Day Original Cleanse
mariana roquette

1 Day Original Cleanse

Turmeric Gold Booster Pack (16)

Very good and refreshing to have first thing in the morning.

True Love
Nadae Cherradi
So delicious

I love this juice. So sweet yet not low in sugar

Turmeric Gold Booster
Nadae Cherradi
Really good

Powerful stuff! Delicious too

3 Day Cleanse
Nimco Ali
Not worth the money

Even when I asked for no ginger, everything had ginger in it and I basically washed over a £100 because I did not drink 2 out of the 3 days of drinks I got.

Dear Nimco,
I understand that you are disappointed but we did not received your request for no ginger.
When you emailed your complaint we checked every log and confirmations and could not find any mention of your ginger preference. We also asked you to send us a screenshot of your request or if you could show us where you requested it on the website so we can investigate this further.
Without the proper instructions there is nothing we could do to meet your expectations and I am truly sorry that this has caused a bad experience for you.
Best wishes,

Liver Flush
Good product

Had this as part of a cleanse. Good product.

48h Reset
Jacqueline Celis
2 day juice cleanse

Great juice cleanse, never felt hunger and all very tasty. Will be doing more in the month of August.

48h Reset
Orla McCallion
48 hour reset

Delicious juices. I honestly did not feel hungry during this 48 hour reset. The benefits included: 1kg weigh loss, improvement in my energy levels and the kickstart I needed to get myself geared up for a healthy week ahead. Highly recommend!

Fave Cleanse

Every time I do this cleanse I feel a million times better. Aids with clearing up skin & weight loss massively! Will definitely be a regular buy.

Ginger Booster
Great 3 day cleanse

Really good three day cleanse with good juices and quick delivery!


So good for a bloated belly or on a hot day after a workout!


I did 3 days plus one day of the c press juice cleanse and by god it was amazing! I didn’t exercise for any of the days but felt so energised - my skin was amazing. The juices and nut milks were all delicious - couldn’t believe how tasty they were. Definitely want to do the cleanse again!

Best juice cleanse I have done

I did the 7 day juice cleanse. Not once did I feel hungry. The juices are all tasty and filling. This was my first cleanse with C-press, I usually use plenish or press. But I’m so impressed and will be carrying on with Cpress next time.
This cleanse was for health & to detox, but on the plus side I also lost 1.5kg and I feel so energised.
My only criticism would be that the juices arrive in a paper bag. It would be great if they could use a cool bag that the customer could carry around & keep their juices fresh during the day (other companies supply this)

Discovery Booster Pack
Jo T

Juice taste very good, far up to standard! Bulk purchase online is slightly cheaper than supermarkets. If it allows customer to mix and match for 16 bottles collection instead of fixing the number of each flavour would be perfect!