Our mission is to promote health and vitality through unprocessed and pesticide free ORGANIC products. Our juices are cold pressed daily to maximise and preserve the raw benefits of the fruits and vegetables. Our products are never heated or pasteurised to extend their shelf life. Changing people’s relationship with food. One juice at a time.

What are our core values?

ORGANIC: Only ORGANIC ingredients are used in our products, because we believe that food is active at its fullest potential when free from chemicals, pesticides, fertilisers and other harmful substances. Clean: Liquid and solid, our products only contain real clean foods with no additives or preservatives, which will in return keep your body free of such toxins. Fresh: Our kitchen is open 7 days a week to make sure we stock our shelves daily with the freshest possible produce. Wholesome: Our meals and drinks are nutritious, filling and most of all tasty! Honest: We never add or include ingredients we feel do not meet our standards or compromise your health so you know you’re eating the very best food possible!

Why cleanse with CPRESS?

Stress at work, drinking tap water, breathing the city air and eating processed foods all add up to your total toxic load. While some of these go beyond our control, there is a lot we can do to lower this number with nutrition. Detoxing is taking charge of your own body, embracing the way it works and helping it get back on track.

Not all juice is juiced equally and the type matters. Cold pressed juice is a final product of a juicing method that involves slow and gentle action of crushing and pressing fresh produce. Unlike with traditional rotary method, in cold pressing minimal heat and friction are used, ensuring the vitamins, minerals and enzymes naturally occurring in fresh produce are retained. Cold pressing also minimises the amount of air the juice gets into contact with. Juices are mixed and air-tight bottled immediately, which significantly slows down the oxidation and decomposition processes. And as the two ton heavy cold press machine is cleaned after juicing each fruit and vegetable, there is no room for cross contamination or bacteria overgrowth common in centrifugal juicers. Cold pressed juice is the cleanest type of juice that keeps its nutritional integrity for as long as 3 days.

Whether your cleanse will last a day or seven, juice will be your only fuel. Choose the fuel you want to run on wisely. ORGANIC juice provides your system with the nutrients and power your body needs to be able to really rest and recover from the damage environmental toxins have posed on it. Pure ORGANIC produce has been kept away from the damaging works of pesticide and chemical residues used to treat conventionally grown produce. Juice extracted from such produce helps to flush out toxins without actually pouring more in as you try to detox. 

No matter your juicing expertise, you will feel nourished, sustained and regenerated. 

How do I get the most out of my detox?

Juice detox gives your digestive system a very well deserved break. There’s much more you can do to boost your detox experience and results. We’ve got some basic tips for you here:

Good: Leave your Detox Water outside over night and drink it at a room temperature first thing in the morning.

Better: Make this a daily practice, even after your detox. Your metabolism will thank you.

Good: Use dry brush to massage your entire body before you shower. Use circular motion working slowly towards the heart. This promotes circulation and toxin elimination.

Better: In the evening, use a few drops of lavender oil in your bath or even shower for the good night’s sleep.

Good: If you have a bathtub, take a hot bath with some Epsom salt in for further detoxification and relaxation.

Better: No tub? Sprinkle the salt on a washing cloth while in the shower.

Good: Time to jump! 3-5 minutes on a trampoline prompts the lymphatic system to work and push those toxins out.

Better: No trampoline? Take a friend on a hunt for trampoline around your area. The fun will be worth it!

Good: Hydrotherapy. Alternating cold and hot water in the shower for a few minutes, you promote circulation and build immunity.

Better: If you have an access to sauna, it is a great alternative combined with cold shower in between.

Good: Sweat! Exercise and any activity that stimulates your heart rate will help with toxin elimination.

Better: You don’t need to spend a lot of money on a gym membership. Nobody’s charging you for running at the park. Too cold? Take up our challenge: 100 burpees in the morning!

Can I detox while I work?

Absolutely. There is no reason for work to get in a way of your health. What we suggest though is that you choose a week when the workload is lighter and you have more time to dedicate to yourself and relax and ultimately, making the most of your cleanse. More information on how to make the most of my detox on our blog post Why detox?

Can I workout while on a cleanse?

While sweating and raising your heart rate is an amazing detox support (toxins are flushed out through the sweat and as you get more thirsty, you will naturally hydrate more), we highly recommend you stay away from any heavy exercise that would put unnecessary stress on your system. Yoga, long walks and even gentle jogs are fine, but try to leave the marathon for another time.

Can I drink coffee while I detox?

If you need the kick to start the day, one cup of ORGANIC coffee is fine. Coffee is a very difficult commodity to grow. So we say ORGANIC because conventionally grown coffee is heavily sprayed with pesticides and chemicals defeating the purpose of your detox efforts. To learn more, read our blog entry on ORGANIC Coffee.

What does ORGANIC stand for?

ORGANIC is a method of food production, from agriculture and manufacturing to processing and packaging. It ensures food is produced to a specific standard that is high quality and nutritious contributing to preventative health and vitality. It advocates using minimal processing methods whilst avoiding use of fertilisers, pesticides, animal drugs and food additives that may have adverse effects on our health. Eating ORGANIC is not simply just a case of using organically grown foods; it’s an intricate production method through all stages from seed and farm to what you find on the shelf. In other words, it’s a process that involves minimal processing resulting in high quality, fresh and nutrient packed foods that have fewer harmful residues that everyday non-organic foods may contain. ORGANIC processing also ensures that only the highest standards of hygiene and traceability are met so you know that your food is free from any non-organic ingredients and chemicals. A recent study has shown that ORGANIC foods are in fact higher in antioxidants, whilst containing fewer pesticides, heavy metals and nitrogens linked to the risk of certain diseases (soilassociation.org/organicisdifferent). All our CPRESS products including juices, foods and coffee are ORGANIC.

How do I know something is ORGANIC?

In the UK it is illegal to write ORGANIC on a product if it has not been certified by a government-regulated body.

You should look for logos such as:


Why Soil Association?

There are a number of bodies that can carry out the certification process to ensure that ORGANIC standards are being met. The Soil Association surpass these standards and ensure that all the businesses they certify meet standards that are higher than the EU minimum in a number of areas, as well as developing their own standards in areas that are not covered by government or EU regulations.

Where is CPRESS food processed?

All our food and juices are made in our dedicated kitchen outside of London, which only handles ORGANIC produce and therefore has met and surpassed ORGANIC certification standards.

What is cold press?

Cold pressing is a process that involves a slow and gentle squeezing action to extract the juice. No heat and minimal friction is used, ensuring the fruit and vegetable vitamins, minerals and enzymes remain intact during the extraction. Unlike common centrifugal methods, cold pressing minimises the amount of air that is in contact with the juice. This significantly slows down the oxidation and decomposition process keeping the juice fresh for up to 3 days without losing its nutritional integrity.

Do you use additives in your juices?

No. All our cold press juices are RAW, non-pasteurised and free of additives and preservatives.

What is heat pasteurisation?

Heat pasteurisation is a process used widely within the food and drink industry to extend the shelf life of products. It is done by heating products to a high temperature (at least 71.7˚C) for a certain period of time then cooling and bottling it quickly to kill any bacteria. If this were to happen to juices, all the natural enzymes, vitamins and minerals would be damaged, hence why we only cold-press.

Do all juices need to be refrigerated?

Yes, all our juices need to be kept refrigerated. As we do not use pasteurization and our juices are raw, they contain live enzymes and are highly perishable. The only drink we recommend you leave outside the fridge over night is our Detox Water. Best drank first thing in the morning, the room temperature of this drink will match your body temperature in the most optimal way and maximise its cleansing effects.

What is the shelf life of your products?

All our products are non-pasteurised and no additives or preservatives have been used, which means the shelf life is much shorter in comparison to products traditionally found in supermarkets. We feel this is one of the advantages to eating CPRESS food as you know it will always be of the highest quality, fresh and packed full of nutrients. This is why we stock our shops daily! Our juices have an average shelf life of 3 days.

Juicing vs. blending. How do I choose?

This is probably one of the most common questions we get. We do our best to answer, however, the question here isn’t really which one is better, but rather, how are they different. Both have their individual benefits. The difference is in what they supply the body with and how they do it. Juicing is taking a large amount of fruits and vegetables, putting it through a machine to extract the juice leaving the fiber behind. By large amount we mean usually over one kilogram of fruits and vegetables pressed into a half liter bottle. Cold press juice is a fast and effective supply of the vitamin and mineral content of such amount of produce in a liquid, easily digestible form. Blending on the other hand, keeps all the fiber in tact, which will keep the hunger at bay for longer. Only the nutrient content will be different as with blending you can only use as much fruits and vegetables as you’d technically be able to eat. And since it’s much easier to add a plant-based protein powder like hemp into a smoothie, you have the option of making it a meal and give the hardworking digestive system a little break.

Why are your products more expensive than supermarket alternatives?

Although there is no real supermarket alternative to our food and cold pressed juices, CPRESS believes there should be no compromise when it comes to putting the highest quality foods into our bodies to ensure we look and feel the best as we possibly can. We also believe that money and time is better spent on prevention rather than cure and therefore our products represent this. ORGANIC foods fundamentally cost more but you really do get what you pay for!

Why CPRESS if I'm new to juicing?

At CPRESS we have a wide range of ORGANIC cold pressed juices that will please the taste buds of the experienced as well as those completely new to juicing. The choice of juice is up to you. Once you are used to the taste, smell, texture and overflow of flavors, CPRESS will help you grow and enjoy the flavors of greens. As you start to notice positive changes in your health, you will feel more empowered to reach out for more green and vegetable based juices. The benefits you’ll reap will continue to grow in numbers.

Why CPRESS if I'm vegan?

We at CPRESS know that vegans eat more than grass and all nutrients are possible to be obtained from a completely plant-based diet. ORGANIC cold pressed juice is a nutrient powerhouse. With no added sugar, water or other filling agents, you are getting a straight up dose of vitamins and minerals your body needs. Our salads are made with the freshest ORGANIC vegetables and gluten free whole grains making them the perfect source of important micro and macro nutrients. For the afternoon pick-me-up, our power bites are treats with high concentration of protein, which in combination with our ORGANIC coffee provide an effective energy boost.

Why CPRESS if I'm an athlete?

Hydration is one of the most important things especially before and after any physical activity. It is vital to replenish the minerals and enzymes lost through sweat during exercise. Coconut water, to restock the lost nutrients, has a much higher concentration of electrolytes than traditional energy drinks that may also contain unnecessarily high amounts of sugar and additives. Our coconut water comes from young fresh coconuts straight from the beaches of Thailand and no preservatives have been used to extend their shelf life, so you know you are getting the best nature has to offer. Being active is important, but so is taking time to recover. Muscles deal with invisible hunger and need to be fed in order to stay strong and healthy. Proper nutrition boosts workout efficiency that translates into desired results. Post-workout is a time for rest and recovery. A good amount of protein, the right carbohydrates together with a range of vitamins and minerals will ensure your body stays lean, in balance and grows in strength. CPRESS uses pure hemp powder in smoothies, which provides the body with a full range of essential amino acids - the building blocks of protein.

Gluten's sticky business?

Gluten is a protein compound found in some grains, such as wheat, spelt, rye and barley. When gluten-containing flour is mixed with water, a sticky cross-linked net of proteins is former, giving elasticity to dough and allowing bread to rise when baked. This glue-like property gave gluten its actual name. Gliading and glutenin are two proteins that make up the gluten itself. The gliadin is the one that triggers negative reactions in some people. The cells of our immune system in the digestive tract mistakenly believe that this protein is coming from some sort of foreign invader, such as bacteria. For many, this means one thing: the immune system to launch an attack against it and develop sensitivity towards gluten.

Gluten free diet can be healthy as long as it is done properly and is based on fresh whole foods. Unfortunately, there are countless processed products claiming to be healthy when in reality are causing inflammation and weight gain due to high sugar and processed fats content among others. These products are designed to have a long shelf life, nutritionally empty and high in calories. At CPRESS, all our products are gluten free with only natural ingredients and very short shelf life to ensure you are getting the best of the best without having to think about it. When going GF stick to the aisles with fresh produce in the supermarket. Avoid the gluten free department altogether and make smart choices by reading the labels. Choose healthy whole grains such as quinoa, wild rice, millet, amaranth or teff for a filling meal.


Please go to Organic Advantage to learn more. 

Why am I so tired?

You probably aren’t getting enough sleep. Unfortunately, a good night’s rest isn’t something we can squeeze into a bottle. And there’s really no better remedy for the tired mind and body than a restful 8 hours of sleep at night. When we don’t get adequate hours of sleep, our body goes out of balance. The simplicity behind is that we weren’t designed to last twenty hours behind the computer screen. Understandingly, there are things that get in a way of our rest time. Stress at work – Leave work at work is easier said than done. There’s so much to do and not enough hours in a day to do it. To boost your productivity and results during the day for the peaceful mind at night, take breaks. Walk to your colleague’s desk rather than sending an email. Rest your eyes and mind. And in the evening, rather than concentrating on what you haven’t done, think of all the things you have achieved. Reflect, take notes and get some sleep. Incomplete nutrition – Being tired has been linked to lack of certain vitamins and minerals, such as vitamin B group and D and magnesium. While we leave the proper supplementation for your health practitioner or nutritionist, there are foods that help promote healthier sleeping patterns. Magnesium for example, found in dark leafy greens, especially spinach, nuts and seeds, beans and lentils, avocados and bananas has long been known to support relaxation. Something to consider when building your dinner plate.

Why am I so bloated?

We are in no position to tell you what will bring the bloating down or what is the cause of it in the first place. There are natural remedies such as ginger to bring down the bloating temporarily, but if it is something that is preventing you from daily activities, you may want to consider visiting a health care practitioner or nutritionist. Only a qualified professional will be able to assess your situation based on your medical history and current habits. We might suggest a natural remedy from our own experience, but we are not you. At CPRESS we believe in no-size-fits-all and we apply it to everything we do.