How to Cleanse

You might think this is a silly question to be answering, (open the juice bottle and drink right?), but there’s a lot to consider before starting a cold pressed juice cleanse and it’s all really important info, so read on…

You are used to eating 3 meals a day and maybe some snacks in between so when you remove the solid food of course you’re going to feel different. The first day or so of cleansing can be tough, not just mentally but physically too. As your body starts to really power up its detoxifying processes those toxins that have been stored deep in your tissues will start to emerge and circulate, and until they are flushed out you might feel anything from tired, to a bit dizzy or moody. Some people feel nothing at all – they are just instantly full of energy and buzzing around on cloud nine. You could be one of the lucky ones, but if you’re not, have faith and keep drinking that juice.

BEFORE STARTING YOUR CLEANSE: We recommend taking it easy for a couple of days before starting your cleanse so that it’s not too much of a shock to the system. Nothing radical, maybe just lay off the steak dinner the night before. Try not to fall into the trap of feeling like you can have a massive blow out because you’re starting a cleanse tomorrow!

DURING YOUR CLEANSE: We generally recommend that customers steer clear of any really intense physical exercise. Yoga, gentle jogging and walking are all fine but maybe save Barry’s Bootcamp until you’re finished.

AFTER YOUR CLEANSE: Again, it’s all about the slow and steady. Reintroduce food mindfully by picking things that you know are easy to digest. You might be so chuffed that you’ve finished a three-day cleanse that you feel like you ‘deserve’ a burger, but try and save that for a few days after you’ve reintroduced some simpler foods.

WORKING: Going to work as normal shouldn’t be a problem (If your job involves any intense physical labour then it would be better to carry out your cleanse while you were on holiday from work). Generally we suggest that you choose a week when the workload is lighter and you have more time to dedicate to yourself and ultimately, relax.

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