The CPRESS kitchen and stores handle nuts and legumes including but not exclusive to, almonds, cashews, walnuts and peanuts. Although we take strict measures to avoid cross-contamination, we cannot guarantee the safety of our products with regards to nut allergies. If you suffer a severe allergy to any of these, we highly recommend you avoid consuming our products. We highlight our allergens on most of our labels and on this website. To be absolutely sure, a full ingredient list can be obtained from the staff at our stores or by emailing us at info@cpressjuice.com before making an online purchase.


We do not diagnose or treat illnesses or medical conditions. All information we provide on this website is purely informational and to the best of our knowledge. It is your responsibility to educate yourself as to the contents, possible effects (such as goign on a juice cleanse whilst on medication, etc.) of any cleanse, juicing, or any specific lifestyle and dietary information provided. The information the CPRESS website is not meant to replace the advice of a professional health care provider. We recommend you consult your doctor before making any significant dietary or lifestyle changes. 

For first time juicers, we suggest cleanses no longer than three days without medical supervision. Pregnant and nursing women should not attempt to cleanse.

CPRESS does not make any miracle health claims and we do not sell weight loss programs. We simply make organic, cold pressed and fresh juice available and accessible to you. Our juices are unpasteurised and though our cleanliness standards are extremely high, harmful bacteria may still exist in the juice and cause some individuals to become ill. This risk is no bigger than the one you take when you consume cut up fruit at the supermarket, farmers market or a high end restaurant.


Our juice cleanses are significantly lower in calories than a recommended daily calorie intake for an average size person, and should be considered for a short term use and for the purpose of cleansing from processed foods. They are not designed to replace a regular, healthy diet with all the nutrients necessary for maintaining good health.


Our Day Plans are designed to promote clean and healthy eating habits. The calorie intake provided by meal plans A and B are calculated based on the daily nutritional requirements of an average female customer with normal activity levels. For those who have a fairly active lifestyle, athletes, male customers, customers recovering from an illness or injury etc, we highly recommend more calories are added on a daily basis. CPRESS does not promote any weight loss program, but we do offer meal plan C which has a lower caloric total than A or B. This is to help customers who still want to cleanse and detox but who feel like a full on juice cleanse isn't right for them. This meal plan has approximately half of the daily recommended energy intake and is to be taken with caution and for a limited number of consecutive days.