Delivery Disclaimer

Delivery Fees

At CPRESS we take customer service very seriously. We have been working with a third party delivery company from the very beginning and built a trusted relationship with them to ensure maximum customer satisfaction.

Local Delivery fee is £10 for orders under £50

Local Delivery fee is £5 for orders between £50 - £100

Free delivery for any orders above £100

If you are outside our delivery zone please email us your address and we will quote you a delivery fee. 

Terms and Conditions

Local delivery

If you live in London, you can opt for door to door delivery or store pick up. Orders of local deliveries placed before 8am will be delivered the next day. Orders placed after the cutoff time will be delivered one day later.

For orders delivered within the London postcodes listed hereunder, you will be able to choose a specific time slot for the delivery.

EC1, EC2, EC3, EC4

E1, E2, E3, E14

SE1, SE16, SE8


W1, W2, W5, W6, W8, W9, W10, W11, W12, W14

SW1, SW3, SW6, SW7, SW8, SW10, SW11

WC1, WC2

If you are outside our delivery zone please email us your address and we will quote you a delivery fee.

You will receive your bottles and other items by a currier of our choice based on availability. Please note that bad weather conditions, unusually heavy traffic or technical issues on the delivery side is out of our control and we cannot take responsibility for delays caused by such circumstances.

Delivery Schedule

There will be one delivery with a 1-3 day cleanse early morning of the day you start your cleanse. For cleanses of 4-5 days, there will be two deliveries. For cleanses of 7 days, there will be three deliveries. This will ensure you always have the freshest juice possible and the same principle applies to store pickups. Same free delivery applies here for orders above £100 and applies to all deliveries for orders of 5 and 7 day cleanse. 

Shipping, Deliveries & Refund Policy

For local deliveries, it takes on average an hour for the products to leave CPRESS fridge and reach your door. You should refrigerate all juices immediately to avoid them being exposed to unusual changes in temperature. 

Your package will be delivered to the address you provide and it is your responsibility to make sure they will be received. CPRESS is not responsible for lost or stolen juice, product that has been left out for extended periods of time or weather or other unrelated delays. If you have any special instructions to ensure you can receive your package, please leave details in the designated box upon checkout.

Additionally, CPRESS cannot be held responsible for damaged or compromised juices due to the following reasons:

Incorrect delivery address. We ship/deliver to the exact address you indicated on your checkout form. Please make sure all information is correct before submitting your order.

Contact unreachable. You are to provide a valid phone number when placing an order. This is for the delivery company to be able to reach you in case they cannot find you at the delivery address. We cannot guarantee this will lead to a successful delivery, but it will decrease the chances of delivery failure. 

Unopened boxes. CPRESS shipping boxes are clearly marked “PERISHABLE” and must be opened with juices being refrigerated upon receipt.

Refunds due to any of these issues will not be granted.

Further, no refunds will be granted on perishable items purchased under normal circumstances. No food, milk, smoothie, juice or juice cleanse orders will be refunded. However, we will do our best to accommodate any delivery date changes as long as they are requested at least 48 hours prior to original delivery schedule. 

Thank you for choosing CPRESS Juice!