About Us

Inspired by the positive shift in the quality of life the ORGANIC movement kick started in health hubs such as New York, Sydney and Los Angeles, CPRESS London opened its doors in November 2014 to support the city's new found love for clean, quality and healthy eating. 

CPRESS is paving a solid path towards a genuinely high quality and ORGANIC alternative to London's established juice bars and cafés. As we continue to stand behind our core values: sourcing high quality purely ORGANIC ingredients, making plant-rich diet accessible and hassle free and advocating for transparency of the food industry, we are proud of the growing community of healthy individuals.

With the largest selection of certified ORGANIC cold pressed juices, CPRESS has something to offer for everyone - from an experienced juice detox enthusiast to the person who is just starting to discover the health benefits of a cold pressed juice. CPRESS acts as an advocate of truly healthy dietary choices. While we do not cater to any specific diet, we do offer a healthy injection of that extra green goodness into your dietary habits, regardless of what they may be.

Discover our relaxing juice cafés and enjoy our cold pressed juices, specialty coffee or simply a healthy salad or snack. We are currently here to serve you out of our Fulham and Canary Wharf location. Our unique concept brings together the warm and cozy coffee shop experience while the clean and fresh cold-pressed juice vibe. This new experience promotes health and quality without having to compromise on taste.