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7 Day Cleanse

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    Start your day with your detox water and drink the rest of your juices every two hours throughout your day. For more information about your cleanse journey please review our cleanse guide.

    Our seven day, 100% organic juice cleanse is recommended for those experienced in juice cleansing and periods of fasting in general. If you are interested in starting a seven day cleanse then preparation beforehand is essential in order to ease yourself into the cleanse and not shock your system too much. Generally speaking, if you already follow a largely plant-based and organic diet then you should be better positioned to tackle this cleanse. Otherwise, begin to limit sources of toxicity from your diet and lifestyle for at least three days before you start this cleanse. This cleanse should leave you feeling lighter, refreshed, accomplished (well done for finishing a 7 day cleanse!), and fully balanced after giving your digestion a rest and freeing up energy to be expended elsewhere; in the elimination of toxins from your body and in the production of energy.

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    • Pack content: Original cleanse, house cleanse, green cleanse, original cleanse, house cleanse, green cleanse, green cleanse
    • Size: Juices 450ml, Boosters 110ml
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    If you’re considering a 7 day cleanse with us then you’ve probably done a juice cleanse before. In which case you’ll know that to get the most out of your cleanse and to make the transition into and out of cleansing as smooth as possible, you’ll need to prepare well before hand and go easy on yourself after finishing. For more information on this transition in particular, have a read through out cleanse guide. A 7 day cleanse is a commitment, and ideally you’d do this cleanse when you can really relax and take some time off. We encourage customers to tune into their body during this time and to really get in sync with how they are feeling. The toughest part of this cleanse will likely be the beginning, but once you transition from perhaps getting hung up on feeling hungry on days 1 and 2, to settling into you nutrient dense juices from days 3-5, you’ll be laughing. We start the 7 days with an Original Cleanse on day 1 and House Cleanse on Day 2. These two cleanses both contain some fruit and vegetable juices, but progressively less fruit juices as the time goes on. By day 3 you’ll be ready for your first fully Green Cleanse which will increase the eliminatory pressure of the cleanse and set you up for the next 4 days. As you might be feeling like you need a little helping hand at this stage, we reintroduce the slightly sweeter juices plus a filling almond milk on days 4 and 5 so that you’re ready and primed for the final 2 days of your cleanse which are both comprised of the Green Cleanse. We like to finish up with a strong, detoxifying push for days 6 and 7, which is why the Green Cleanse is so perfect as it contains predominantly just organic, green vegetables plus some key functional ingredients like liquid chlorophyll and oregano oil.

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