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The Starter Cleanse

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    The slow and steady cleanse for every level - beginner to devotee - in the juicing game. Our one-day-detox comes with fruit and veg juices, as well as an immunity booster. Feel free to repeat this cleanse for a few days or upgrade to our Experienced and Advanced cleanse where fruit juices make way for more veg. This method of cleansing is designed to make sure you’re high on energy but stay low on cravings. In a nutshell? Cleansing with organic juices is the reset button to refuel your body, flush out toxins and give your digestion a well-deserved break. 

    • Pack content: Detox water, Prime Number, Green Therapy, Coconut Water, Charged Up,  Green Harvest + Turmeric Gold Booster
    • Size: Juices 450ml, Boosters 110ml
    • Shelf life: 10+ days

    Drink your first juice within 1 hour of waking up and follow with a juice every 2-3 hours in order of the line-up above. That immunity booster? Sip on it whenever you’re craving something extra during the day.

    Cleansing tips

    Click here to download your Cleanse Guide.

    We’ve bundled our best tips & tricks to help you unlock the full potential of your next cleanse. Whether you've just walked into the detox world, have dabbled with a juice or two, or can add cleansing to the skill set on your cv, here’s everything - and we mean everything - you need to know.


    Juice prep is a thing. A really important thing if you ask anyone at the CPRESS HQ. In the build-up to your cleanse, switch to organic produce and say goodbye (or at least ‘see you later’) to sugar, coffee, alcohol, and processed foods. Maximize the benefits from your cleanse by embracing a healthy and plant-based diet instead. Warning: we’re about to sound like a broken record but please drink lots of water before, during, and after your cleanse.

    Introductions for Your Cleanse

    Treat your first juice as a new ritual to start your day. And if you follow a morning mindfulness routine, keep going, don’t let us get in your way. Follow the first juice with another every 2 to 3 hours and drink your last juice no later than 3 hours before going to sleep.

    Should I drink water during my cleanse?

    YES. Water and herbal teas are your best friends during a cleanse. This hydration duo supports the cleansing process, clears your mind, and gives your body energy.

    Is it ok to drink coffee?

    Yes and no. We generally don’t recommend caffeine during your cleanse, but one cup a day won’t do you any harm. Especially for first-timers, who might find it more challenging, we’re willing to bend the rules - just a little. Just promise us to leave out any dairy or sugar.

    Can I drink alcohol?

    Sorry for being the bearer of bad news but alcohol - even if it comes with a festive umbrella - has got to go.

    Can I eat if I am hungry?

    What they forgot to teach us in school (at least in ours) is that your body sometimes sends a hunger signal when in reality, you might just be thirsty. So when you experience cravings, drink some water or herbal teas first. If that doesn’t do the trick, pause on the hunger, draw attention to it, and breathe. Try some pranayama exercises to help reduce your appetite. You will feel and see the best benefits if you avoid food during your cleanse. However, if you are still peckish then try a small portion of higher-calorie fruit juices, smoothies, or soups. If you do surrender to the pangs of hunger, don't worry, it happens to the best of us. Just remember whatever you eat comes from the earth or grows from a tree. We recommend organic and plant-based food only.

    What if I am not feeling well

    Temporarily changing your diet from solid to liquid reboots many of the body's important functions, especially your digestion. So don’t worry, it’s normal to feel a little lighter. For some, it can be a shock to the system, and tangible benefits may take a few days. If your body is ready for the challenge, that’s great. Feeling dizzy or lightheaded? We recommend pausing the cleanse, and trying another day.

    How do I end the cleanse?

    The end of your cleanse deserves as much of your attention as the initial lift-off. Start by slowly introducing organic and plant-based foods into your daily meals. If in doubt, stick to these easy rules: opt for smaller portions, avoid (whenever you can) processed sugars, too much alcohol, fried and processed foods.

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    Great juices

    Love their 3 day juice cleanse, great juices and service from them

    Sophia Pateras
    Great juices

    Love doing these juice cleanses every so often.
    Always get a great service from cpress

    Original cleanse

    My favourite one of all Cpress offers. Usually I take two and add a bit of nuts or banana during the day if hunger is strong.
    The juices are tasty and the shot is a great bonus.

    mariana roquette

    1 Day Original Cleanse

    Ola Piwonska
    Great taste

    Very happy with the juices, will be buying again!