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The Green Cleanse

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    Supercharge your health with this 100% Green Juice cleanse. If you’re a seasoned cleanser then no worries, go straight ahead, if you’re new here then perhaps try one of our fruit and green juice cleanses (The House Cleanse or The Original Cleanse) to ease yourself in. The eliminatory pressure is higher with a fully green cleanse so get ready to feel the benefits! With some truly functional ingredients such as liquid chlorophyll, parsley, spinach and ginger this cleanse is low in sugar, helping you to reset your sugar cravings, and high in beneficial nutrients such as iron and calcium and rich in vitamin C.

    • Pack content: Detox water, Green harvest, Super green, Green angel, Coconut water, Immunity booster, Farmers market
    • Size: Juices 450ml, Boosters 110ml
    • Shelf life: 4 days

    Are you ready to go 100% green? Cleansing with green juices can help to reset your sweet craving and regulate your blood sugar level. This cleanse starts with a hydrating Detox Water, incorporating citrus juices with some cayenne extract to gently heat your body from the inside plus kickstart your digestion ready to tackle your cleansing day ahead. Then, it’s more ‘hydration station’ with the Green Harvest, one of our favourite green juices as it contains coconut water to provide essential minerals and electrolytes. Mid morning, it's time to tackle the Super Green Booster. This little booster is a nutritional powerhouse, and we’re just going to warn you here: it doesn’t exactly taste like sunshine and roses! Have a glance at the ingredient list and you’ll realise why this booster is so amazing: Spinach, Kale, Lemon and Liquid Chlorophyll. The rest of your day’s green juices contain just vegetables, and in each bottle there’s roughly 1kg or organic, leafy green veg.

    It’s so, so important to cleanse with only 100% organic greens as conventional farming methods use toxic amounts of pesticides and chemicals on their leafy vegetables. We don’t believe that those pesticide residues will be doing your body any good when they end up in your juice bottle, which is why we’re 100% organic and certified by the Soil Association.

    Lastly, the Immunity booster contains oregano oil and acerola - just another of our key functional ingredients which we like to slip in to elevate your health and wellbeing.

    Cleansing tips

    Click here to download your Cleanse Guide.

    Whether you're a novice, have moderate experience of juicing, or you are a seasoned juice aficionado, here are some further tips & guidelines, designed to give you the optimum return on your juice fast:


    In the build up to your cleanse, implement more healthy plant based food, while reducing the amount of toxicity in your diet, especially: sugar, coffee, alcohol, fried and processed foods. During this time keep sufficiently hydrated.

    Introductions for Your Cleanse

    Drink your first juice soon after waking, and if possible, avoid coffee. If you follow a morning mindfulness routine, then continue as normal. Follow the first juice with another every 2 to 3 hours. Drink your last juice no later than 3 hours before sleep.

    Should I drink water during my cleanse?

    We recommend that you drink water throughout, as well as herbal teas, if you prefer. This will aid the cleansing process, energise you, and keep your mind focussed.

    Is it ok to drink coffee?

    While it is not ideal to drink coffee during your cleanse, it boils down to personal preference. If you are a heavy coffee drinker and new to cleansing, aim to cut down on your coffee intake, and avoid milk and sweeteners.

    Can I drink alcohol?

    Alcohol is a strict no-go.

    Can I eat if I am hungry?

    Try drinking water or herbal teas first to help curb your hunger. Alternatively, pause on the hunger, draw some attention to it, breathe. Some pranayama exercises should help stave it off. You will get the best return from your cleanse if you avoid food. However, if you are still hungry then try adding higher calorie fruit juices, smoothies or soups. Although if you do succumb to the pangs of hunger, don't worry, what you don't eat, is just as important as what you do eat. Therefore, stay in the zone of organic plant based food.

    What if I am not feeling well

    Implementing a cleanse into your diet will help reset many of your body's important functions, especially digestion, and you will feel lighter. Although, for some it can be a shock to the system, and benefits might take a few days to arrive. While it is important to challenge your body, if you are feeling light headed or dizzy we recommend you discontinue the cleanse, and try another day.

    How do I end the cleanse?

    Ending the cleanse is an important part of the journey. It is important to ease back into your normal routine starting with healthy plant-based foods, eating smaller portions, and again, avoiding (where possible) processed sugars, to much alcohol, fried and processed foods

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    1x day green cleanse
    Fantastic day of cleanse
    Thanks for the review Ale. We love it when couples take on a juice cleanse. Doing it as a pair is a great way to help stay motivated and on track. Glad you both enjoyed the experience :)
    Great customer service, great quality products