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5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS 5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS 5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS 5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS 5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS 5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS 5 Day Cleanse - CPRESS
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5 Day Cleanse

100% Organic & Cold-Pressed
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Please book for the morning of your start date as our juices have a short shelf life. Your second delivery/pick up will be scheduled for the morning of day 3 (or 4). Please note, if a delivery day falls on a Saturday or Sunday, the earliest delivery can be scheduled for 9am-10am slot. 

A five day cleanse is recommended for those used to cleansing with organic juices and wanting to fully reset and rest. We say rest because it’s important with a cleanse of this length to take it easy whilst cleansing - 5 days is a challenge, but one that comes with a great reward at the end. Expect to feel like you’ve detoxed fully, tuned into your body, eliminating stubborn toxins, shifted some excess weight and, most importantly, given your overworked digestive system a well-deserved rest. Ready to feel energised? Ready, set, cleanse…

For more information on how to cleanse, have a read of this.

If you’re considering a 5 day cleanse with us then you’ve probably done a juice cleanse before. In which case you’ll know that to get the most out of your cleanse and to make the transition into and out of cleansing as smooth as possible, you’ll need to prepare well before hand and go easy on yourself after finishing. For more information on this transition in particular, have a read of this.  


A 5 day cleanse is a commitment, both physically and mentally and it’s a good idea to remember each day, or when the going gets tough, that you’re actively participating and dedicating yourself to 5 days that will benefit your body and your overall health. 


Day 1 starts you off on a flat road with a few fruitier juices as well as some green juices and a filling and delicious almond milk. Easy, right? 

Day 2 and 3 up the pressure slightly and includes 2 functional boosters per day, one of which is our amazing Liver Flush Booster, which will help to get your detoxification off to a flying start by supporting your main organ of detoxification - your Liver, with Milk Thistle and beetroot. 

Days 4 and 5 are when we bring this baby home - two days of green juices combining functional ingredients like liquid chlorophyll with some hydrating coconut water and lots of leafy greens such as kale and spinach plus cucumber, celery and parsley to help detox heavy metals and streamline your digestion. 

You should feel any hunger or sugar cravings you have peter out mid cleanse, and by days 4 and  you’ll be flying, both in terms of energy levels and your overall feeling of wellbeing.