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7 Day Cleanse - CPress 7 Day Cleanse - CPress 7 Day Cleanse - CPress 7 Day Cleanse - CPress 7 Day Cleanse - CPress 7 Day Cleanse - CPress
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7 Day Cleanse

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Please book for the morning of your start date as our juices have a short shelf life. Your second and third deliveries / pick ups will be scheduled for the morning of day 3 (or 4) and 5 (or 6) respectively. Please note, if a delivery day falls on Saturday or Sunday, the earliest delivery can be scheduled for 9am-10am slot. 

We will send you a confirmation email with the delivery days.

The 7 Day cleanse is recommended for individuals with predominantly clean, plant based diets who are looking to rebalance and get rid of the accumulated environmental toxins. Nobody is immune to those! A 7 day cleanse is a commitment and requires a strong mind and will power but it also gives you time to rest and relax in a toxin free environment. We recommend that you take it easy during your 7 day cleanse, give your body a well deserved rest. Save the power pumps and dumbbell deadlifts until you finish and instead go for long walks and get your yoga on! 

This master cleanse will leave you completely renewed and rested.

Day 1: The Original Cleanse

Day 2: The House Cleanse

Day 3: The Green Cleanse

Day 4: The Original Cleanse

Day 5: The House Cleanse

Day 6: The Green Cleanse

Day 7: The Green Cleanse