The Interview Series: Vol 3: Instagram's Vegan Queen

This week we interviewed the amazingly friendly and down to earth Caroline Deisler, fruit lover, passionate vegan and obsessive traveller.  She has amassed a following of 308k on Instagram sharing her food and lifestyle photos- pretty impressive! We wanted to ask her how she did it, how she manages her "on line" and "off line" time and talk to her more about her vegan lifestyle...


Caroline, it’s so nice to catch up with you in London. Your trips always look so amazing, not only are we super jealous but we can’t help wondering how you manage it all? Do you travel mainly for work or pleasure? 

I LOVE to travel and it has always been one of my favourite things to do. Nutrition, fitness & travelling are my biggest passions and I'm so happy that I created a job for myself where I'm able to combine those three things together. I mostly travel for pleasure but on the same time create content for my Instagram account. Also bikini posts are what gets people motivated, which is totally understandable since you want to know if my lifestyle really “works”.

Since turning vegan 4 years ago what are the biggest life changes you’ve noticed? 

  • Stable weight
  • Clearer skin
  • Better sleep
  • No more anxiety
  • A happier & more balanced life, feeling totally at ease with myself.
  • No more sweet cravings

 You eat a LOT of fruit. Aren’t you ever worried about your sugar consumption?

Why do people still think fruit sugar is bad for you? :D I really think this needs to change and we would all be better for eating fruits instead of any sweets. Fruits are high in water, fibre, vitamins, minerals and they are super easy to digest. All our body cells (specially brain & muscle cells) run on glucose and I think it’s much more sensible to get this from a whole, natural food than anything processed.

You’re a great one for exercise; whenever we see you in CPRESS you’re always either just out of the gym or about to go. What are your main reasons for exercising aside from maintaining your fitness levels? 

I LOVE the way it makes me feel. Getting up in the morning and going to a spin class or for a morning run makes my whole day a lot more productive. It feels so good to get your body moving and really helps to de-stress and be focused. I always get my greatest ideas while running or having a massage. Exercise because you love your body (cliché but so true!!) and find a workout that you love and truly enjoy.

What’s your favourite thing to do in London?

  • Getting around London by bike
  • Running in Hyde Park
  • Connecting with like minded people
  • Trying out new workout spots & healthy restaurants

When you’re not being an Instagram boss slash vegan goddess, what are you most likely to be found doing? 

At home in my pyjamas watching Youtube videos and eating fruits =)

What’s your fave place to eat out in London?

Yauatcha Soho for vegan dumplings, Zuma & Roka for avocado sushi and CPRESS for juices =) I LOVE to go grocery shopping and mostly prepare all meals myself, my fave places to buy fruits & veggies are Natoora (Pavilllon road), Andreas (Cale street) and La Fromagerie in Marylborne.

What’s your CPRESS juice of choice?

The Super Green booster, Farmers Market, Green Angel and the Trio Shot (turmeric, lemon and ginger) =)

If you had to choose between dates and avocado toast for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, what would you choose? (We think we know the answer!)

Hahah DATES =) They are just THE BEST THING EVER!

Top tip for maintaining optimum health? 

  • Eat a whole foods plant based diet
  • Get enough exercise, fresh air, sunlight & sleep
  • Eliminate stress wherever & whenever you can

When you feel run down what do you do to break out of it? (For example if you have a cold or the flu) 

I LOVE to get a massage. It always helps me to connect with my body and to refocus. Ginger shots, green juices, raw food and lots of sleep also help a lot. Although, to be honest I haven't been sick once since going vegan. 

How did you first get into blogging and social media? 

I was so fascinated by the benefits I experienced on a plantbased diet, that I wanted to get my voice out there and help other people who are trying to make a lifestyle change. I love being able to inspire people by showing them what works for me. I had a vision of the feel and look I wanted to create and it took me around 2-3 months to get my logo, blog & Instagram started.

How much time per day do you spend on your social channels?

I spend around 4-5 hours a day on Instagram. I'm really passionate about replying to all my direct messages & comments and think that helps people the most. Even though I sometimes answer the same questions over and over again, I want to connect with my followers and build that personal bond.

How do you deal with the pressures of being constantly “on line”? 

I don’t let that pressure of being constantly “on line” get to my head and I take some time off whenever I need it. Even one day without looking at my phone for more than an hour can make a big difference. My fiancé is also really good with that and takes my phone away whenever it gets too much!

What about if you ever receive negative feedback on line, how do you cope with that? 

I don’t take it personally and I try to ignore it. You can never please everyone. However, constructive feedback is always welcome. 

We think it’s really important to mention that so many people these days think it would be so easy to just be an “influencer”. How do you feel being on the other side of the industry? Would you ever call yourself that? Does it feel strange to live a large portion of your life in the public eye? 

I think it really depends what your intention is. I want to give my followers a reason to follow me and that has to be more than just posting pretty pictures. My aim is to educate people on how to make the switch to a healthier & happier life and show them how delicious plantbased food can be. You need a lot of dedication; consistency and creativity to create a large social media following and some people may not see that. Social media is an incredible marketing tool for all kinds of businesses and I really appreciate being able to use it. I still don’t realise that everything I post actually gets to hundreds of thousands of people and it’s probably best that I don’t haha! I always want to be authentic, honest and humble. =)

How did you get in to it all in the first place? 

I was living & modelling in NY and got more and more interested in the science behind food. While most girls were on diets, I wanted to make a lifestyle change that would work long term. I then started my nutrition studies and got more and more into eating a mostly raw vegan diet.

Is it important to you to keep some things more private? For example, you recently got engaged (congratulations!), but unlike lots of bloggers you kept that all pretty hushed up. 

It's important to me that my boyfriend doesn’t feel exposed on my social media accounts. He is a very private person and I want to respect that too. Before I post anything, I always ask myself if that is of any benefit for my followers. In regards to my fiancé for example, I love to show what I cook for him and hope it inspires people to do the same. =)

Is your fiancée an “instagram husband”, as in, is he the one that takes all your photos or do you work with a professional photographer? 

He literally hates that word haha (understandable) and is not at all an Instagram husband. I'm not gonna lie, it's not always easy to get my pictures done but he is super nice in helping me out whenever I need him. I usually just set up my camera and think about what I want to shoot and then it takes 5-10 min to take a picture.

What does “wellness” mean to you? 

A mix of healthy food, working out, fresh air, sun light, rest, massages, cryo therapy, colonics, steam room/ infrared sauna and living a mindful & wholesome life. =)



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