Sustainability update

Sustainability update

Over the last year or so the word “sustainability,” has been taken to mean almost solely something we do to help the plight of our planet. The root of the word is to simply endure something for a long time - to sustain it, to keep it going; and this can be relatable to anything. The concept of sustainability, in the environmental sense, is here to stay. 

Last year we posted about our efforts to be more conscious in our business model - only stainless steel cutlery in our stores, wood options if you were taking away. Plastic straws and cups swapped to compostable alternatives and now swapped again to paper as we come to terms that compostable forms of plastic, are not that easily compostable and often just end up contaminating actual recycling, or going straight to landfill. 

Obviously, the main area to be improved for us was our plastic juice bottles. After some thought and research we’ve decided to transition to Glass for all our in-store juices. We have started to experiment with glass earlier in the year with our Soups and have since transitioned all our Salads and Desserts to Glass also.

For our range of wholesale lemonades and boosters that are currently pressure treated - a technology not compatible with glass, we are also looking at PLA. PLA stands for Polylactic Acid and it is, in essence, a bio-plastic. Standard plastics are made from non-renewable resources, usually petroleum, which is why they are so damaging and costly to the environment. PLA is derived from fully renewable sources like corn starch and sugar cane, which, although not perfect could be a better option than virgin plastic. 

More news to come - stay tuned. 

Tim Stevenson 

Founder @ CPRESS

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