Naturally Beautiful

Naturally Beautiful

There’s a movement in the beauty world at the moment in favour of swapping out the chemicals for natural alternatives. We couldn’t be more in favour of this; at CPRESS we work hard so that all our customers can be the healthiest versions of themselves – that’s why all our food and drink is 100% organic, no pesticides or chemicals. Our Flaminglow juice is the best for nourishing your skin so make sure you grab one next time! 

Astoundingly, our skin absorbs 80% of what’s put on it and so it makes sense that what lotions and potions we use will ultimately make a difference to our overall health too, so next time you eat some kale and think you’ve done your healthy bit for the day, think again!

Introducing Austin Austin – a fabulously simple and very new (yep, you heard it here first) skincare brand that’s not only certified organic and mostly vegan, but also looks SO pretty on your bathroom shelves, and let’s be honest, that’s the main reason we are all such devotees to Aesop anyway. #packagingonpoint

Every bottle has an artist’s illustration on and is filled with the most heavenly concoction of natural ingredients. In particular we love the Neroli & Petitgrain Body Cream, which at £14 is competitively priced for a natural beauty product. What’s also interesting is that on their website there’s an explanation of what each ingredient in the cream actually does, so you can be sure just what you’re putting on your skin.

And in the spirit of fresh starts after those long summer nights of Negronis and Spreezies, here’s our round up of our favourite natural beauty products to get you feeling fancy 🤗


Ren Skincare Atlantic Kelp and Magnesium Anti-Fatigue Body Wash

Laila Super Balm Deep Cleansing Balm

Neal's Yard Peppermint and Lime Roll On Deodorant 

Tata Harper Regenerating Cleanser

Butter London Nail Polish in Cake Hole

Neal's Yard Pillow Mist 

Lush Cosmetics Vegelene All Purpose Balm

Rms Beauty Magic Luminizer



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