Natural Juice Bar in London

CPRESS is paving the way towards a genuinely healthy and organic alternative to London’s established juice bars and cafés.

With the largest selection of certified organic cold pressed juices, CPRESS has something to offer for everyone - from an experienced juice detox enthusiast to the person who is just starting to discover the health benefits of a cold pressed juice.

CPRESS acts as an advocate of truly healthy dietary choices. And while we do not cater to any specific diet, we do offer a healthy injection of that extra green goodness into your dietary habits, regardless of what they may be.

CPRESS is one of the most versatile juice bars in London has to offer. Catering to all ages and lifestyles, we are the young entrepreneurwith a busy schedule, we are the active parentwith hands full of chores, we are the marathon running athlete looking to refuel or simply put we are the individual looking for that daily health boost!

Come discover our relaxing juice cafés to enjoy a cold pressed juices, specialty coffee or simply a healthy salad or snack. We are currently here to serve you out of our Fulham and Canary Wharf location. Our unique concept brings together the warm and cozy coffee shop experience while the clean and fresh cold-pressed vibe. This new experience promotes health and healing without having to compromise on taste.

Location of our Juice Bars in London :


Set in the heart of Chelsea, our spacious Fulham Road location is luminous creating an inviting atmosphere to enjoy a long morning coffee or a meal with a group of friends. Surrounded by fitness and yoga studios, CPRESS Fulham is the place to go for rehydrating organic juices and plant based protein packed smoothies.

Canary Wharf:

Located in the heart of London’s financial hub, CPRESS Canary Wharf’s the modern chic look is here to cater to busy workers. Come fuel up in the morning with one of our gluten & dairy free super porridges, an organic seasonal drip coffee or a cold-pressed green juice. CPRESS Canary Wharf is becoming the healthy go to place for those who can’t afford to underperform.

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